About IYD


Who we are

Indonesian Youth Diplomacy (IYD) is a non-profit youth organization aiming to promote international exposure for Indonesian youths and proliferate youth empowerment nationally for the next generation of Indonesian leaders. We work with current students, recent graduates and young professionals to advance Indonesian youth leadership, both locally and globally.

IYD recruits for the Y20 Summit, the official Youth Engagement Group to the G20 Leaders Summit. It is a Youth Focal Point to the Republic of Indonesia's G20 Sherpa. IYD also holds programs that share knowledge, engage foreign policy influencers, government officials, International Government Organizations (IGOs), Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Private Sector and other stakeholders in dialogue with Indonesian youths.

Up to 2017, IYD has consistently sent official Indonesian youth delegations to Y20 Summits in Canada, France, USA, UK, Russia, Australia, Turkey, China, and Germany. It consists of over 42 highly accomplished Indonesian youth talents, spread across various industries with diverse set of expertise.

IYD History

In 2010, after the Canada G20 Youth Summit Communique was signed, an idea to form G20 Youth Indonesia was initiated and established by the Indonesian Delegation. These early steps was continued in 2011 when an Indonesian Organizing Committee for G20 Youth Summit was formed. This Organizing Committee was formed to accommodate national requirements to recruit Indonesian youth who would like to participate at the International Diplomatic Engagement Association (IDEA) Network's annual G20 Youth Summit. We are the Indonesian chapter of the IDEA network, a coalition of youth-focused organizations from G20 member countries.

In 2013, realizing the importance to engage Indonesian youth beyond the G20, the organization was revamped to Indonesian Youth Diplomacy (IYD), co-founded by various Indonesian delegation G20 Youth Summit alumni.

Our flagship program is the annual Y20 Summit, where we send the best and brightest Indonesian youth leaders to represent Indonesia in the international fora along with our partners from the IDEA network. We also partner with the Indonesian government, embassies in Indonesia, and local youth organizations in a mission to spread awareness on diplomacy.

Watch our social media space for the next round of recruitment. Meanwhile, you can also join our community to learn how you can contribute!