Indonesian delegation to the Y20 2013: Brief Position Paper Release

Greetings from Russia!

Today the Y20 Summit officially started and our delegates are having fruitful debates in various issues in relation to Sustainable Development and International Financial Architecture Reform. You can download Indonesia's brief position paper by clicking the pdf icon below or send us an email ( if you're interested in reading our extended one.

Download Indonesian delegation's brief position paper by clicking on the icon above!

P.S. follow our live updates from St. Petersburg through @G20YouthID, and thank you for your support so far!

Counting Days: Y8 Summit London

This week marks the commencement of the G8 Summit in Northern Ireland, which means, the Y8 Summit in London is just a week away!

Over the last two months, the Indonesian delegation for the Y8 Summit, along with other delegates from different parts of the world has been intensively corresponding online with one another, from developing the theme and topics, pre-negotiations up to structuring position papers. And during our preparations, we are lucky enough to have the support of many organizations, both financially and morally. For that, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to:








We would also like to thank our families and friends for their continuous support and encouragement. We will definitely give our 120% effort for the Summit and look forward to making Indonesia proud.

The Y8 Summit 2013 Indonesia Team

Countdown to Y8 and Y20: Indonesian Delegations Meet with the G20 Sherpa!

Y20 and Y8 Delegation Meets Mr. Mahendra Siregar, Indonesia’s Sherpa to the G20

by Andhyta Firselly Utami

Just a few hours before flying to Moscow for the Y20 Summit, Andhyta Firselly Utami and Dito Krista were welcomed with pleasure by Mr. Mahendra Siregar, Indonesia’s Sherpa to G20, along with the Y8 delegation (represented by Dirgayuza Setiawan and Desi Hanara), as well as Marsha Sugana and I Ketut Adiputra as the alumni members. Throughout the two-hour insightful discussion, six of them addressed their concerns and questions in regards with Indonesia’s condition and position in the international context, to which Mr. Mahendra gladly answered.

Y8 represented by Dirgayuza (HoS) and Desi (M of Justice), Y20 by Andhyta (HoS) and Dito (M of Environment) along with OC representatives Adi and Marsha

Amongst many other topics, the discussion revolves around the issue of sustainable development and international financial architecture reform, which will also be the key debates in the St. Petersburg forum this Tuesday.

According to Mr. Mahendra, Indonesia has to be strategic in addressing these issues. It is not merely a matter of national interest, said he, but also how we can look at the problem from a global perspective, and contribute more as citizens of the world.

When it comes to sustainable development, it is important to find the balance between economic growth and environmental protection. Although in certain conditions, Indonesia as a nation needs to prioritize its interest and policies in order to achieve them—otherwise we would not move anywhere. As the Minister of Finance, Mr. Mahendra advises the young minds to look at how the finance sector is a crucial element of the nation’s development.

This week, Indonesian delegation to the Y20 starts their Summit activities in Russia. Next week, Indonesian delegation to the Y8 depart for the UK to contribute their insights and expertise in their respective ministerial positions. Good luck!

Countdown to Y20 2013: Thank You from Indonesian Delegation!

It's just a week away before the Y20 Summit will commence in St. Petersburg, Russia!

Throughout the past month, Indonesian delegation has been contributing to the online pre-negotiation forum and discuss a lot of exciting ideas with 19 other delegations form around the world. By today, as many as 8 urgent subtopics have been decided to be put on the table, each of which requires thorough review in order to produce a solution to be recommended in the September summit.

In regards to our nearing departure, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to our sponsors this year, who have been very kind in providing us the funding as well as moral support to represent the country in a prestigious forum such us Y20 Summit:

 Semen Indonesia

Petrokimia Gresik

Konsulat Jenderal Indonesia di Hong Kong

We're looking forward to give our best shot in the forum next week. A coordinating audience with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be held this Tuesday, so stay tuned!

Indonesian Delegation to Y20 2013

Youth Voice on the Post-2015 Development Agenda

by Andhyta Firselly Utami

Andhyta Firselly Utami and Kania Muksin 
represented G20 Youth Indonesia. Photo credit: UKP4
A scenario where youth demands to be heard by the government might be commonplace for some people, but how about a scenario where the government actually invited youth as part of a consultation process? Last Thursday, G20 Youth Indonesia took part in the National Consultation Meeting on the Post-2015 Development Agenda, organized by the Indonesian Presidential Delivery Unit (UKP4). Kania Kintani Muksin and I represented youth constituents and we voiced our ideas on the most pressing issues that should be considered in the new development agenda. This agenda, steered by a “high-level panel” consisting of the Indonesian President among others, aims to replace the UN MillenniumDevelopment Goals (MDG) which expires in 2015. Along with other passionate advocates of different causes, we collaborated with individuals from sectors as diverse as the government, civil society organizations, the private sector as well as academia.

Kuntoro Mangkusubroto. Head of Presidential Delivery Unit and Task Force on the Post-2015 Development Agenda. Photo credit: UKP4
The day commenced with introductory remarks about the key points for the discussions. The recommendations had to be ‘ambitious, solid, and relevant’ compared to the current Millennium Development Goals, the opening speaker said. The concept “good governance” is not the end goal, but it is the means to achieve the bigger vision of the post-2015 development agenda.

Among others, Kania and I managed to bring up the issue of energy efficiency, sustainability, and accessibility. In the short and medium-term, today’s youth will be very affected by the availability of energy. I believe that it has to be one of the government’s top priorities. In our discussion, Kania—who works in the energy sector— suggested how youth could play a bigger role by being more aware about their energy consumption and push for more energy-efficient policies.

Another concern that we voiced was the case of youth refugees. Despite the progress on education and health talks, our brothers and sisters in the refugee camps (both from conflicts or natural disasters), are often still out of the picture. They might have the potential as future leaders—but lost hope because their homes and lives have been taken away from them. The post-2015 development agenda has to take extra attention to the vulnerable and marginalized groups including youth refugees.

Candid picture of our presentation. Photo credit: UKP4
After 120 minutes of parallel discussions, each group (government, private sector, academia, civil society, and youth) was given 10 to 15 minutes to present their recommendations. I was honored to present on behalf of the youth group together with Dimas Sandya Sulistio (IndonesiaMengajar) and Iwa (Forum Anak Kalimantan Barat). We received many positive feedbacks to our ideas—some compliments were given from the floor, while some non-youth participants actually approached me to discuss several ideas.

At the end of the day it was a great experience participating in this consultation process on behalf of Indonesian young leaders. I agree with Kuntoro Mangkusubroto (Head of President's Delivery Unit), who said that the post-2015 development agenda could only be inclusive if everyone participates. You should, too. Start by downloading the document on youth recommendations here (in Bahasa Indonesia only). Have a great day!

Andhyta Firselly Utami is the Head of State for the Indonesian delegation to the 2013 Y20 Summit.

From Russia with Love: Insights from Krasnoyarsk, Siberia

By Ariana Alisjahbana

What comes to mind when one thinks of Siberia? Perhaps the legendary winter, the mountains, the barren landscape and the recent meteor in the region. Being an Indonesian in the US, I had very little expectations of the area and the country as a whole before embarking on the weeklong journey on behalf of G20 Youth Indonesia and the IDEA network last weekend.

I was in for a shock: Instead of the cold, dry and depressing country I found exactly the opposite. I saw hundreds of enthusiastic brilliant young people, passionate in discussing their ideas of where the country is going. I met government officials that are progressive and open for discussions with foreign youth. I found warmth in our hosts’ hospitality in the middle of the -20ºC weather.  And of course, I found a completely positive and supportive environment from my colleagues in the IDEA network, a coalition of 20 youth organizations from the G-20 member countries. Special applause to our hosts from J8 Club Russia who did an incredibly fantastic job in making us welcomed and comfortable in the area.

The IDEA network in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. 

All 20 members of the IDEA network were invited by the government of Krasnoyarsk Krai, one of the largest administrative regions in Siberia, to come in the Generation 2020 Summit as part of the 10th Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum. We took this opportunity to conduct our annual meeting and planning for this year’s Y8 and Y20 summits in June.

Did you know that Russian youth constitutes around 30% of the population? All those numbers came alive during the Generation 2020 event, where most of the participants came of age in post-Soviet Russia. This is a platform that connects more than 200 youth leaders from all over Russia for a two-day discussion on the future of the country. It was divided into topics such as Open Government, Public-Private Partnership and the role of youth in Russian political decision-making. But what truly made me impressed was the amount of debate and open exchange present at the meeting: University students, youth parliamentarians, government officials and business leaders truly debate in open panels. One of it, for example, was on the role of civil society in Russia’s economy. It was refreshing to see both progressive and the less progressive views exchanged during this panel in a way that gave insight to how Russians think of the issue.

Mikhail Abyzov speaking at the panel discussion.
Photo credit: photo gallery
What stole the show for me was government Officials such as Arkady Dvokovich (Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation), Dmitry Livanov (Russian Minister for Education and Science) and Mikhail Abyzov (Minister for Open Government Affairs) did not just come and speak at the podium; they debated with the panelists, asked tough questions to the audience and present honest exchanges on what they think of the issues being debated. This format and openness completely exceeded my expectations. Perhaps I should not adhere to stereotypes and be too quick in judging a country before actually being there. Sure, the people that I met were only a snapshot of the most progressive segment of their society and do not represent the majority of Russians. However, that middle class of educated progressive Russians does exist and flourishes today in ways unthinkable just ten years ago. I hope that they bring much needed change in their country's dynamics and that reformers everywhere can learn from their audacity. I long for the moment when Indonesian Ministers can impress a Russian young leader as much as these Russian Ministers impressed me. 

See Y20’s press release on the event here:

RELEASE: Letter from Russian Sherpa to the G20 about the Y20 Summit

On Tuesday, January 29th, 2013, the Russian Sherpa to the G20 (Ms. Ksenia Yudaeva) sent a memo to all G20 sherpas regarding the official youth event to the G20 Summit. A copy of the letter is provided below. 

Ms. Ksenia Yudaeva, Russian Sherpa to the G20.
Photo credit:
Dear colleagues,

As highlighted in Russian G20 Presidency's Outreach Strategy, 2013 will be an opportunity for the Russian Presidency to showcase the innovation and energy of young people. Thus, we would like to provide you with some information regarding the only official G20 youth event under the Russian Presidency - Y20 Russia 2013. This Youth Summit will take place in Saint Petersburg between the 18th and the 21st of June 2013 and we consider it a significant part of the outreach dialogue of the Russian Presidency.

Y20 Russia 2013 is being organized by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs in conjunction with the world's leading organization that engages young people in diplomacy and dialogue - International Diplomatic Engagement Association (IDEA). The Russian G20 Presidency welcomes collaboration with this Association, which has youth-led national groups in every member nation of the G20 (please see the attached file), and recommends to work with and support the Association and its’ national organizations in their recruitment efforts for the Y20 Russia 2013. Please note that in some countries the recruitment process has already been launched.

We would like to highlight that Y20 Russia 2013 is the only official youth summit supported by the Russian Presidency. We are aware of the fact that International Youth Diplomacy League (IYDL), a group led by Ksenia Khoruzhnikova, has been contacting universities across Russia and, it would seem, in other G20 countries too, as a means of profiling their own, profit-focused program for 2013 which they are calling the G20 Youth Summit. Allow me to state, that this organization and this person absolutely do not have any association with the Russian Government or the Russian Presidency of the G20.

For additional information about the Y20 Russia 2013 please visit our official web-site: Y20 Russia 2013 Secretariat can also provide you with more details on the summit, so do not hesitate to contact Mr Roman Chukov (Head of Y20 Russia 2013 Secretariat,, and Ms Olga Peshekhonova (coordinator of youth formats in the Russian Sherpa Office, for further information.

Best regards,


Attachment: List of IDEA network partners.

G20 Youth Indonesia Receives Official Endorsement from Indonesian Sherpa

by Disty Winata

On January 4th, the G20 Youth Indonesia team had the privilege to meet with Mr. Mahendra Siregar, the Indonesian Vice Minister for Finance and Indonesian Sherpa for the G20. At the meeting, our team presented Indonesian youth participation at the G20 Youth Summit from 2010 to 2012, the interests, potentials and current engagement of young people in G20 affairs as well as how we recruit our delegations for these events. Mr. Siregar welcomed the idea of more active participation from youth in the G20 process. He was impressed with the recruitment process of the G20 Youth Indonesia. He also acknowledges the global nature of our efforts and applauded the IDEA network for having a platform for G20 youth organizations to work together around issues faced by the world’s 20 biggest economies.

G20 Youth Indonesia Team with Mr. Mahendra Siregar and staff from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Finance
Mr. Siregar also highlighted the importance of changing the public’s mindset to start acting like how an emerging nation should be. In the middle of many projections that Indonesia’s current resilient growth can potentially become the 7th largest economy by 2030, he believes that young people are especially crucial in making this happen, and he supports this by uplifting young people to become proactive in international diplomacy and endorses the works of G20 Youth Indonesia in search of brightest young minds to attend Y20, the G20 Leaders Summit’s official youth platform set to take place this Summer in Saint Petersburg.

After all, G20 Youth Indonesia is excited to collaborate with Indonesia’s G20 coordination team in preparing the delegates before departing to Russia and is currently planning to expand other activities both in Indonesia and abroad. Meanwhile, stay tuned as the final delegation for Y20 2013 will be announced very soon!


In the meantime, like us on Facebook and follow our Twitter @G20YouthID to receive regular updates on the Summit.

Y20 2013 Selection Process: Insights from the Interview Round

by Ariana Alisjahbana

What does a health science student in Canada, a young banker in Jakarta, an undergraduate student in Bandung and an engineer in London have in common? All four of them are glued to their laptops, opening Skype and participating in the interview round to represent Indonesia at the upcoming Y20 summit in St Petersburg, Russia.

Image from via
G20 Youth Indonesia will be interviewing a total of 19 outstanding Indonesian young leaders from around the globe. We started this past weekend and will continue until next weekend. They are all finalists competing for the five-person Indonesian delegation to the 2013 Y20 Summit in St Petersburg, Russia.

Each candidate are interviewed by two members of G20 Youth Indonesia plus one observer via Skype call. They are asked twelve questions and assessed on how they defend their arguments, how they present their ideas and how good their English speaking skills are.

This is my second year of working to select the Indonesian delegation for the G20 Youth Summit (now Y20 Summit) and I must say that the interview stage is my personal favorite. I absolutely love having discussions with the best and brightest youth leaders of Indonesia, to ask them questions about domestic and foreign policy and to be asked questions in return. Interacting with these people truly make you realize that there are lots of hidden (and not so hidden) gems in the country's youth. Every year, they seem to be getting better and brigther.

Ariana Alisjahbana is the head of recruitment for G20 Youth Indonesia

Happy New Year! Network Changes Anncouncement

Happy New Year! 

G20 Youth Indonesia sincerely wishes all of you a great start in 2013. We have been busy the past month with significant and exciting changes to the way we work, to be announced gradually in this website.

New logo for The IDEA global network
We would like to announce exciting new development from our global network, The International Diplomatic Engagement Association ("The IDEA"), formally the G8 & G20 Youth Network. G20 Youth Indonesia has been working closely with our partners from 18 other countries and the EU to carry on this network refresh.

The International Diplomatic Engagement Association (The IDEA) is a collective of not-for-profit, youth-led organisations from around the world. Some are think tanks, some are charities, some are civil society groups, but they all have one thing in common: they all want to put young people at the heart of the global agenda.

Whether it's action on climate change, restructuring the financial system or tackling the most challenging topics in international affairs, young people need to be engaged in the solution. The IDEA is the only organisation in the world that is fully and solely committed to giving young students and professionals a platform on which to debate these issues, and a way in which to step these up to the world stage.

The IDEA is made up of ascending leaders from around the world, from many different backgrounds and heading into a range of careers. Originally known as The G8 & G20 Youth Network, in 2006, our main focus was to organise the annual G8 & G20 Youth Summits, which brought together ascending leaders at the fringe of the G8 and G20 summits. 

Since 2006, we have held these prestigious events in Russia, France, Germany, Japan, Canada and the United States. These flagship events continue under the new name of the Y8 and Y20 Summits.

In 2012, we became The International Diplomatic Engagement Association (The IDEA), to reflect the growing desire of young leaders to build bridges beyond our major annual summits. Our mission is to unite young leaders from around the world, and to facilitate their involvement in, and impact on, global issues through open dialogue and engaging diplomacy.

From Italy to Indonesia, South Africa to Saudi Arabia and the UK to the USA, our partners empower young people on every continent and recruit the best and brightest to represent their countries on the world stage. Over the past seven years, we have trained and empowered over a thousand ascending leaders, who have all gone on to pursue leadership challenges at home and abroad.

Where is The IDEA?
Our head-quarters are worldwide, with organisational bases in two dozen countries and alumni from over a hundred different nations. We are a truly global organisation.

Our flagship projects are the Y8 and Y20 summits (formerly known as the G8 & G20 Youth Summits). In 2013, the Y20 Summit will take place in St Petersburg (17-21 June) to reflect the Russian Presidency of the G20, and will be the only official youth event of the Russian Government. Likewise, the Y8 Summit will take place in London (24-28 June) to reflect the UK Presidency of the G8.

For more information about the Y20 in St Petersburg, click here. For more information about the Y8 in London, click here 

Indonesian Delegation for G20 Youth Summit 2013: Round 2 Results


2012 Indonesian Delegation at the George Washington University
After receiving many qualified essays for the past few weeks, the G20 Youth Indonesia team were impressed by the high calibre of all candidates shown through their creativity, analytical and English writing skills in their papers. These factors made us having to make hard decisions and we are currently planning to find a platform to foster this great enthusiasm and intelligence by publishing selected papers.

G20 Youth Indonesia is pleased to announce the following who advance to the third and final round.

The candidates are listed by ministerial position in alphabetical order:

Head of State:
1. Andhyta Firselly Utami - Universitas Indonesia
2. Awidya Santikajaya - Australian National University
3. Dirgayuza Setiawan - PT. Idenesia

1. Chandra Jinata - Hongkong University of Science & Technology
2. Desi Hanara - ASEAN Secretariat
3. Yosaka Eka Putranta - Institut Teknologi Bandung

Economy & Finance:
1. Arijanto Jahja - Credit Suisse Group, New York
2. Kania Kintani Muksin - PT. Pertamina (Persero)
3. Nicholas Reyner - Universitas Pelita Harapan, Jakarta
4. Nilamsari - PT. Baba Rafi Indonesia

1. Citra Chergia - University of Newcastle
2. Florentin Devina - University of Tsukuba
3. Gracia Paramitha - TUNZA-United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)
4. Illona Clarissa Kusuma - University College London
5. Vincentius Dito Krista Holanda - Institut Teknologi Bandung

1. Awidya Santikajaya - Australian National University
2. Carolina Damiana Rainintha Siahaan - Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA)
3. Margareth Yashinta Sembiring - King’s College London
4. Nilamsari - PT. Baba Rafi Indonesia
5. Prabukusumo Prakoso - INSEEC Paris Business School
6. Vincent Tjendra - University of Melbourne


All shortlisted candidates are already notified via e-mail on the details of the final round, which will involve a Skype interview with at least two members of G20 Youth Indonesia, conducted entirely in English. All interviews will run between Monday, 7 January 2013 and Friday, 18 January 2013.

The interview process will give us a chance to know more about every candidate, to test their English speaking skills, their knowledge about the G20 and Indonesia's role at the G20, as well as to clarify several arguments proposed in their essays.

The announcement on the final delegation to the G20 Youth Summit in Saint Petersburg is expected to go live end of January 2013.

Meanwhile, we wish everyone happy holidays and all the very best for the remaining of 2012!

Questions? E-mail us at

G20 Youth Summit 2013: Updates to the Application Timeline

Photo credit: George Mason University
The G20 Youth Indonesia Recruitment team would like to announce changes to the 2013 application timeline. These changes were made to accommodate unexpected logistical challenges faced by the 2013 Summit in St. Petersburg.

We are working closely with our partners in Russia, the G20 Youth Network as well as the Indonesian government to resolve the issue by the end of the year.

Revised Application timeline*:

9      December 2012 : Deadline for Essay Submission (Round 2)
21    December 2012 : Notification of Shortlisted Candidates
7-18 January 2013     : Interviews (Round 3)
30    January 2013     : Final delegation announced

*= G20 Youth Indonesia reserves the right to change this timeline in response to unexpected challenges should they occur.

We would like to thank the amazing enthusiasm showed by our applicants as well as Indonesian youth in general.

Please send all questions and comments to

Indonesian Delegation for G20 Youth Summit 2013: Round 1 Results

We at G20 Youth Indonesia would like to express our appreciation to Indonesian youths who have shown their interests in representing Indonesia at 2013 G20 Youth Summit. This year's applicants are outstanding individuals who demonstrate prominent qualities including experience, leadership and diplomacy skills as well as contributions to development in their respective fields. We received a record high number of well-qualified applicants and this involved hours of deliberations and making some hard decisions in selecting the most suitable candidates.

After a comprehensive round 1 selection process, we are pleased to invite the following 61 candidates to proceed to the essay round. These candidates represent the top 20% of their committee pool and are listed in alphabetical order. All applicants will be notified via e-mail and a more detailed essay prompt instruction will be sent to these candidates shortly. Felicitations!

1 Aditya Dharmawan Universitas Indonesia Environment & Development 
2 Albertus Prabu Siagian Universitas Indonesia Economy
3 Alyas Abibawa Widita Universitas Gadjah Mada Environment & Development
4 Andhyta Fiserlly Utami Universitas Indonesia Head of State & Sherpa
5 Andra Riandita AgroParisTech  Environment
6 Andyan Diwangkari Radboud University Development & Environment
7 Angga Dwi Martha United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Head of State & Development
8 Anna Felicia Kusumaningtyas Universitas Indonesia Development
9 Arief Rahmatullah Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Environment
10 Ariyanto Jahja Credit Suisse Finance
11 Arra'di Nur Rizal Royal Institute of Technology Sweden Development
12 Aryanie Amellina Alfiantono United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Environment
13 Asmaul Husna University of Nebraska-Lincoln Environment
14 Awidya Santikajaya Australian National University Head of State & Development
15 Bintan Sholihat Macquarie University Development & Environment
16 Caesar Lagaliggo Givani Universitas Airlangga Sherpa
17 Carolina Damiana Rainintha Siahaan Danish International Development Agency Head of State & Development
18 Chandra Jinata Hongkong University of Science & Technology   Sherpa & Environment
19 Citra Chergia University of Newcastle Environment & Development
20 Desi Hanara ASEAN Secretariat Sherpa & Head of State
21 Dhita Rizkiana Wirapradja PT. Pertamina (Persero) Sherpa
22 Dirgayuza Setiawan PT. Idenesia Head of State & Sherpa
23 Dyah Ayunico Ramadhani McKinsey & Company Development
24 Florentin Devina University of Tsukuba Environment
25 Gracia Paramitha Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup RI Environment & Head of State
26 Harjo Winoto National University of Singapore Head of State & Economy
27 Hindun Harahap Universitas Indonesia Development
28 Ibrahim Siregar Universitas Indonesia Development
29 Illona Clarissa Kusuma University College London Development & Environment
30 Jimmy Wilopo Wageningen University Environment
31 Josefhine Chitra Universitas Katholik Parahyangan Sherpa
32 Kania Kintani Dwijayanthi Muksin PT. Pertamina (Persero) Economy
33 Lailatul Mauliyah Zubaidah Universitas Indonesia Environment
34 Margareth Yashinta Sembiring King's College London Head of State & Development
35 Marshiella Pandji  University of Wisconsin-Madison Development & Head of State
36 Muhammad Feldy Riza Texas A&M University Development
37 Muhammad Iman Usman Universitas Indonesia Sherpa & Head of State 
38 Ni Gusti Ayu Nandhita  Simon Fraser University Development
39 Nicholas Reyner Universitas Pelita Harapan Finance
40 Nilamsari PT. Baba Rafi Indonesia Economy & Development
41 Patricia Paramitha The Graduate Institute Geneva Head of State & Development
42 Prabukusumo Prakoso INSEEC Paris Business School Development
43 Prihatiningsih PT. Pertamina (Persero) Environment
44 Putri Arnita Rahmaniar  Leiden University Development
45 Ratih Dwi Rahmadanti National University of Singapore Economy & Finance
46 Ratih Permata Putri Hadiwinoto University College London Sherpa
47 Ridwansyah Yusuf Achmad Rotterdam University Head of State & Development
48 Rizky Fauzianto Technical University Munich Development
49 Shanty Nathalia Margaretha EC-Think Indonesia Economy
50 Sheila Hie University of Queensland Finance & Economy
51 Tania Alvina Nathania  Australian National University Development
52 Tengku Rizki Aljupri Washburn University Sherpa
53 Trissia Wijaya Universitas Katholik Parahyangan Economy
54 Usama Juniansyah Fauzi University of Tokyo Sherpa & Development
55 Vania Santoso Universitas Airlangga Environment
56 Vincent Tjendra University of Melbourne Development
57 Vincentius Dito Krista Holanda Institut Teknologi Bandung Environment & Finance
58 Wida Widiaty Institut Teknologi Bandung Environment
59 Windy Natriavi  Quvat / Principia Management Group Finance & Development
60 Yosaka Eka Putranta Institut Teknologi Bandung Sherpa
61 Zeneth Ayesha Thobarony Institut Teknologi Bandung Environment

Sofwan Hakim (2011, Development)
with the Indonesian flag in Paris

Please write one or two essays, according to which committee(s) you are shortlisted for. 

If you are shortlisted for only one committee, you only need to write the essay for that committee. If you are shortlisted for two committees and you are interested in pursuing both, you are invited to write one essay for each committee (total of two). 
Each essay has a limit of two pages. Please do not repeat the essay prompts as your titles and in your responses. Use A4 paper size, Times New Roman, 12pt, single space and normal margins. The 2-page limit does not include references.


·    Head of State

Indonesia is currently undergoing rapid transformation.  Based on the report by a management consulting company, Indonesia has the potential to surpass Germany and the UK to be the world’s seventh-largest economy by 2030. Along with growing economic clout comes the opportunity to step up in the international stage. This has been shown by an increase in leadership roles by the Indonesian president in many international fora, the most recent being co-chair of the "Post-2015 Development Agenda". The Government of Indonesia will face a wide range of policy choices in deciding how best to serve their citizens yet still show itself as a global leader in the issue. If you were the President of Indonesia in 2014; How would you exercise Indonesia’s growing importance as an international player? What national and global policies would you support to make this happen? How can these policies shape the post-2015 Development Agenda?

·   Sherpa

The role of the G20 has been shadowed by the other forum in or outside of the forum such as BRIC, G8, APEC, etc due to its informal and flexible nature. To mitigate this, many have voiced the idea of expanding its size by adding some other countries / organizations. Explain your opinion about what kind of roles and strategies that Indonesia should take in facing this situation and how can thoses strategies impact our national interest?

·   Minister of Finance

The Indonesian Rupiah has depreciated by 6% year to date and is becoming one of the worst performing currencies in the region, partly due to four straight quarters of current account deficit (CAD).  Given that the Indonesian economy is currently in expansionary mode, do you think that CAD is necessarily bad?  What would you do as Minister of Finance to manage the imbalances so that Indonesia's economic growth continues strong and sustained? 

·  Minister of Economy

In this period of gloomy economic environment, the slowdown of economic activities in developed, emerging and developing countries has continued. This condition is exacerbated by rising income inequality problems, uncertainty in the outcome of Europe sovereign debt crisis, increasing protectionism measures among countries, as well as uncertainty in labour market. Please elaborate policy mix that Indonesia could take to deal with these challenges and explain what kind of International cooperation is needed to counter these challenges.

·  Minister of Environment

Although the importance of sustainable economic growth is often addressed in the G20, booming industries come with negative environmental externalities. As a nation with progressive economic growth in the G20, Indonesia is obliged to mitigate these negative impacts to the environment. Name and elaborate some of your innovative recommendations to Indonesia and the types of partnerships Indonesia can build with other G20 members, both for short-term and long-term, to alleviate this issue.

·   Minister of Development

Indonesia has many interminable development problems like other developing countries. But as a member of G20 and the largest economy in ASEAN, we are required to think beyond ourselves.  Indonesia, however, is the only G20 nation that does not have its own Official Development Assistance (ODA) body. If you become the Minister of National Development and Planning, what policy mix would you establish to reflect our increasingly global strategic position in addressing development agenda concerning ODA issues. 


We are looking for thoughtful, well-structured, creative and logical responses written in clear English. Due to page restrictions, we are not looking for a highly detailed essay (details are still needed though, to support your arguments). This exercise is especially designed to assess how well each candidate formulates his/her strategies, based on previous knowledge or research.

Save the word doc (the one we sent to your emails) to a .pdf file and rename it to
“2013 Essay_YourFullName_FirstMinisterialPos_SecondMinisterialPos(if applicable)

2013 Essay_SafrianAdamFarizi_HeadofState_Environment   or
2013 Essay_MarshaSugana_Finance

Email the document to with the same subject line as the document name.

We highly prohibit plagiarism; all essays should include references when it's necessary, please state clearly the sources. We will grade the essays based on coherence, cohesion, creativity, analytical thinking, originality, and English skills. 

Please submit your essay by November 26th, 2012 at 23.59 WIB the latest. 

We will be announcing selected applicants who advance to the final round of selection on December 9th, 2012Congratulations and we are looking forward to reading your essays!

All inquiries should be addressed to and we will respond within 1-2 business days.

In the meantime, like us on Facebook to receive regular updates on the Summit:

2013 Recruitment Process: Round 1

The G20 Youth Indonesia team during our November 4 Jakarta meeting with honorary guest Patrick Wei.
Photo credit: Patrick Wei

The G20 Youth Indonesia team would like to thank Indonesian youth for the very encouraging response to our call for applications! We have started the one-week grading process for round 1 (Application form and CV). Did you submit yours and wonder how exactly are we grading it?

First, we are dividing all applicants into the six different committee and assign two of our members to grade each one. Each committee's selection process is done independently.

2013 Recruitment Graders:
Head of State: Ariana Alisjahbana & Pradita Astarina
Sherpa: Syahid Deradjat & Natasha Ardiani
Ministry of Economy: Rully Prassetya & Zenathan Adnin
Ministry of Finance: Adi Putra & Marsha Sugana
Ministry of Environment: Disty Winata & Safrian Farizi
Ministry of Development: Sofwan Hakim &  Ghufron Mustaqim

All applicants will be graded by both assigned team members listed above and averaged out between the two in each committee. Since each committee's selection process is done independently,  all applicants who applied for two committee positions will be viewed by a total of four G20 Youth Indonesia graders.

Example: Candidate A is applying as Head of State and Sherpa. She will be graded by both Ariana and Pradita for consideration into the Head of State position and she will be graded by both Syahid and Natasha for the Sherpa position. Candidate A's results in the Head of State committee does not influence her results in the Sherpa committee.

Graders do not have the right to grade applicants they are friends with. Such applicants will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by another grader who is not familiar with the applicant.

How do we technically assess the applicants? We use indicators to weigh each question (Q1-5) in the application form and for the resume. The application form is 40% of the total score and the resume counts for 60%. Indicators for the resume include Education, Work & Organizational Experience, Achievements, and Conference & Seminars, each with a weight that counts towards the total.

Each committee will have 20% of its applicants proceed to the second round. To learn more, a detailed documentation of last year's recruitment can be found here. Please send all questions, comments and feedback to

Application to Represent Indonesia is Now Closed

The call for applications for G20 Youth Summit 2013 in Saint Petersburg, Russia has ended. We received a record high number of applicants this year. 

The Organizing Committee is working hard evaluating the applications starting today and will send out notifications via e-mail next week. In the meantime, we are also releasing quick statistics on our Facebook page of this year's batch of applicants.
Selection Process:

Round 1
  • Round 1 deadline: November 5th, 2012 11.59PM WIB
  • Notification of Shortlisted Candidates: November 12th, 2012
Round 2
  • Two-page essay on a G20 topic
  • Round 2 deadline: November 26th, 2012 11.59PM WIB
  • Notification of Shortlisted Candidates: December 9th, 2012
Round 3
  • Skype interview with Organizing Committee: December 10-23rd, 2012
  • Notification of final delegation: December 30th, 2012

We wish all applicants the best of luck!


All inquiries should be addressed to and we will respond to you within 1-2 business days.

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G20 Youth Summit 2013 - Call for Applicants

The Indonesian organizing committee is pleased to announce our call for applicants for the Indonesian delegation to the G20 Youth Summits 2013, to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia  from April 17th to 21st, 2013.

Indonesian participation in the G20 Youth Summit started in 2010, when five delegates represented Indonesia at the G8 & G20 Youth summits in Vancouver, Canada. Indonesia sent delegations to subsequent Summits, Paris (2011) and Washington, D.C. (2012) and now we would like to invite you to become part of the growing network by applying to next year’s summit.

WHAT is the G20 Youth Summits 2013?

The G20 Youth Summit is the premier international youth conference that brings together young leaders representing the Group of Twenty (G20) nations to facilitate discussions about the most pressing issues facing our world today.

Founded in 2006, the Summit organizers have adopted the format of the G8 Summits to organize the paramount youth conference of its kind. Unlike the Model United Nations, the G20 Youth Summit aims to go beyond merely replicating an existing institution and allow young leaders to directly voice their opinions and craft creative solutions to current world issues.

PRESS RELEASE [Click here to download. PDF 160kb]

WHO is eligible to apply? 
  • Indonesian citizen 
  • Between the ages of 18 to 30
  • Undergraduate, graduate student recent graduate or young professional in Indonesia or abroad  
  • Has excellent command of spoken and written English

WHAT is the application process like?
The first round involves simply filling out our application form and attaching your resume! Click on the “Apply” page for more information and detailed instructions. The deadline for the first round is November 5th, 2012 at 11.59PM WIB.

HOW much does it cost to attend?
Click on the “FAQ” page.

HOW do I apply?
Click on the “Apply” page.

WHO are the 2010, 2011, and 2012 delegates?
Click on the “Past Delegates” page to find out.

WHERE do I look for more information on the application process?
Click on the "Apply" page

Other Frequently-Asked-Questions can be found in the “FAQ” page. 

All other questions should be addressed to and we will respond to you within 1-2 business days.

2013 Delegation Recruitment Starts Friday

  Interested in representing Indonesia at the G20 Youth Summit in Saint Petersburg, Russia next year?

G20 Youth Indonesia, as national organizing committee for the G20 Youth Summit, is currently preparing for our call for applicants.

More details about the Summit and application process will be revealed this Friday, October 12th.

Meanwhile, join us on Facebook ( for regular updates on the Summit and application process.

All the best,
G20 Youth Indonesia Team

What's Next?

by Syahid Deradjat and Sofwan Hakim

The G20 Youth Summit 2012 was a success, it is now time for the delegates to get back on their daily routines. However, our journey is far from finished. It is time for the Indonesian delegation to report and present their communiqué to the Indonesian government and connect back with our sponsors. 

Marsha Sugana flew for more than 30 hours from the United States and Disty Winata crossed the continents to get back home from Canada. Some of us spent extra days in the US for sightseeing before returning home. The post-Summit agenda is waiting: to share our experiences with AlumnAS as our funder and present the Summit results to the Indonesian Ministry of National Development Planning.

Pradita Astarina (center) and Marsha Sugana (second from the right) shared their experiences with the AlumnAS board

Pradita Astarina and Marsha Sugana had lunch with the AlumnAS board members including Mr. Hassan Soejono, the current AlumnAS president. In the very casual atmosphere at the Pacific Place mall, our delegation shared a valuable experience in Washington DC, discussed the Summit agenda, and presented the final communique to the AlumnAS. AlumnAS is one of the main sponsors for the 2012 Indonesian delegation to the Summit. The board members expressed their interest in the Indonesian delegates' achievements in each committee. AlumnAS has agreed to tighten the relationship with the G20 Youth Indonesia and is ready to support the 2013 delegates.  

Disty Winata (left), Syahid Deradjat (second from the right), Sofwan Hakim (right) with the Indonesian
Minister of National Development Planning
In another place at the Indonesian Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas) building in the Menteng area, I got together with two OC members Disty Winata and Sofwan Hakim. We had the opportunity to meet and to present the communique to the Minister of National Development Planning, Prof. Armida Alisjahbana, and some of the agency's top officials. The minister praised the spirits of the young generation on the international diplomacy  and stated that this kind of international exposure is very important to shape strong Indonesian future leaders. Bappenas officials put a special attention to the Indonesian delegation selection process which they deemed  "professionally conducted." Bappenas' top officials also show their supports to facilitate the integration of the G20 Youth Indonesia with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the 2013 G20 Summit in Russia.

A couple weeks after, the delegates visited the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The delegates were welcomed by Mr. Toffery Primanda, Director of Development, Economic, and Environmental Affairs who is in charge of G20 affairs. Mr. Primanda was impressed by how the G20 Youth Summit Indonesian Organizing Committee managed its selection process and prepared the delegates to the Summit, he also offered further cooperation with the committee for the next Summit. They hope to work together with us to conduct youth outreach on the G20 and its programs.

After the these visits, the Indonesian delegation is scheduled to continue our 'roadshow' to Ministry of Education & Culture and Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. 

The Summit and the Indonesian delegation have received media attention from the Jakarta Globe, Young On Top website, Media Pertamina and made into several national television channels.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to G20 Youth Indonesia's updates on Facebook: