Y20 Policy Recommendations




In an age of increasing uncertainty, the future holds immense opportunities and undoubtedly brings many challenges. Many of these are present today. There is no single future, but rather multiple trajectories. We are not on track to meet the aspirations outlined in the 2030 Agenda and associated frameworks, including deliverables of the Paris Agreement. Our current economic system propagates inequalities between and within countries, fails to mitigate disruptive effects of technology on employment, and ecological degradation beyond already crossed planetary boundaries.

We, the delegates of the Y20 summit, have outlined recommendations for setting a path towards a safe, resilient, inclusive, equitable and sustainable future for all, in spite of decreasing international cooperation. We focus on four cross-cutting issues that have implications on all G20 discussions: Sustainability for Development, Education and Skills for 21st Century, Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment, and the Future of Work, with a gender dimension .

To achieve a future in which no one and no country is left behind, accountability and transparency is key in decision making processes at all levels. Young people have a right to meaningfully engage in the policy cycle, which appropriately mainstreams youth priorities in all policies so they become cross sectoral.

We envision a future in which everyone enjoys the human right to quality education and lifelong learning free from systemic and structural barriers and empowered by equal access to current and emerging technology. It promotes empathy, decent work with social protections, sustainable livelihoods, equitable financial prosperity, personal fulfillment, and the pursuit of happiness. In many ways, the future is now. If we work together, the future will be bright.

Download the Full Paper in English here.